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Just finished your fall race, and that limp just won't go away?

This is a big deal.... Your body is letting you know that things just are not right. We know the body can whisper these subtle messages and most of us have found out it can SCREAM at you as well, sometimes demanding you to discontinue your activity.

One of the most common problems with runners is sciatic nerve entrapment. Due to the repetitions of distance running, friction develops between the sciatic nerve and the posterior hip and leg muscles, causing it to get bound up in adhesion. This causes pain in the posterior hip and leg and decreases your 'push' off that leg when you run.

The sciatic nerve runs down the back of the leg and when stuck to muscles can mimic a tight hamstring, and also cause numbness, tingling and pain.

This is generally described by the runner as 'tight hamstrings' that just doesn't respond to stretching. Left untreated this can cause hip and knee pain as well as degeneration.

Dr. Ellerbrock specializes in finding and fixing adhesion and releasing nerve entrapments. This is done without the need of drugs or surgery.

This image shows the adhesion (noted FB for fibrous band) choking off the sciatic nerve.

This treatment is safe, effective and long lasting, allowing you to continue enjoying your running for years to come. Call us today at 419-358-2222!

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