To help us provide you the best quality care, please take some time to fill out your new patient intake paperwork.  If you are an existing patient, please fill out this form to update your current information.  Dr. Ellerbrock then does a complete history and consultation, review any imaging and treatment you have had done. Next up is an orthopedic and nuerological exam, and a functional assessment is performed.  From the data collected a specific diagnosis is formulated and treatment plan is selected.  We then sit you down and explain your problem and our solution to you in words you understand. 


On your first appointment you should bring any previous imaging (MRI, XRAY, CAT), labwork and a list of your current medications.  Wear loose fitting clothing, and plan to be at our office for about an hour. Our focus on this first treatment is to diagnose your condition and communicate a solution to you.  

What should you expect to feel from your first treatment.

The treatment itself can be slightly uncomfortable, but most describe it as a good 'sore' as they can feel the tissue release.  In some cases, following treatment you may experience some slight discomfort for a couple hours, but icing the area for 10-15 minutes will alleviate that.  Most feel an increase in ability to move and leave the office feeling better.