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You are not a 'label'~

I recently was consulting with a new patient in my office who had recently seen a specialist for a condition that was not resolving with traditional medical care (NSAID, rest). The paperwork from the specialist referred to the patients condition as 'idiopatic myalgia'.

Let's break that down-- 'idio' means 'one's own, private' and 'pathic' means 'suffering'.

'Myalgia' simply refers to 'pain in a muscle'. So the specialist has told the patient in Latin they have a private muscle pain.... not exactly a revelation for that patient.

Being a patient is hard in today's fast paced, quick fix world. Admittedly, being a doctor is hard work too. As physicians in healthcare we owe it to our patients to discover a 'tissue specific' diagnosis rather than a 'label' for the doctor and patient to team up on and resolve with effective treatment. This cannot be done in a few minutes. It requires time and focus in addition to thousands of hours of additional training to do it right.

You do not need another label, a syndrome, or any other 'category' of problem. Your issue is unique to you and is the result of many factors: your genetic make up, your lifestyle and your history of work, stress and injury to name a just a few.

After a complete and accurate history, a comprehensive evaluation a typical diagnosis in our office would leave you with a 'tissue specific' diagnosis. This looks a lot like:

~'lumbar disc derangement',

~'peripheral nerve entrapment of the median nerve at the pronator teres',

~'muscular adhesion in the infraspinatus',

~'tendinosis of the extensor tendons of the elbow'

Each of those diagnosis has a separate and distinct treatment plan, a different healing time, and would need the patient to engage in different lifestyle modifications.

It ALL starts with getting the diagnosis right. Yes this takes a lot of mental work on the doctors part and requires the patient to be fully present and forthcoming on the consultation, but we feel your worth it.

There is no 'routine' back or neck pain.

If you recently had pain, stiffness, weakness, numbness or tingling that is not resolving, call us. Let's get it right on the first day, and begin the process of improving your quality of life without the need for pills or surgery.

You are worth it.

This process cannot be done in 5 minutes.

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