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Good healthcare asks "Why?"

Suffering from a painful condition that is keeping you from doing the things you used to love? Tried a few providers only to be left with more questions than answers? There is one thing that most providers are missing: It’s important to know exactly what is wrong.

In today’s healthcare world the number one diagnosis for low back pain presentations is ‘idiopathic low back pain’, which is latin for ‘your back hurts and we do not know why’. It is the reason why low back pain has very poor clinical outcomes. If you do not utilize a systemic approach to specifically determine which exact tissue is damaged, and how that tissue has been damaged all treatment is ‘shooting from the hip’. Our most common presentation for low back pain: Lumbar disc derangement. Second is sciatic nerve entrapment. Very different approaches are needed to solve those.

Lumbar Disc Derangement

Sciatic nerve entrapment

In our office we understand there is over 100 different pain generators in seven different categories for the low back and hips. Each one of those is going to need a different treatment approach and the healing time for each one is different. The activities you can and cannot do are different for each category.

This approach is not simple and it’s not a gimmicky quick fix, as it takes countless hours of post graduate training and takes a comprehensive consultation and evaluation that takes considerable time and effort. We feel you are worth it. It makes sense to our office to take the extra time to get it right in the beginning. It saves everyone time, money and effort by working towards the solution from the beginning rather than just blindly trying treatment strategies and seeing what works. And of course it produces clinical outcomes that we can be proud to provide.

Come and team up with our office to find a solution for the chronic achy pain, numbness, burning or tingling that you are suffering from. Call us at 419-358-2222.

Great healthcare starts with asking ‘why?’.

Rather than telling you in latin that your back hurts: “idiopathic lumbago”, we find out why your back hurts, specifically what exact structure is causing your pain.

Dr. Matthew Ellerbrock, DC, DACRB is certified Integrative Diagnosis provider and Board Certified Rehab Specialist.

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