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Gentle, Effective Care for Your Spine and Soft Tissue Needs

Full Service Soft Tissue Specialist

From managing chronic aches to diagnosing acute injuries, we provide a customized approach to restoring function and creating healthy movement.  Specializing in soft tissue therapy, supportive exercises and joint load management. 

Experience the Integrative Diagnosis Difference


Matthew Ellerbrock,DC is fully certified in Integrative Diagnosis, the most complete soft tissue diagnostic and treatment system. Focusing on diagnostic excellence it allows the patient to be informed of specifically what is causing their symptoms and what to expect from treatment.  

Your Problem Is Unique

Shouldn't your treatment be?  

Every problem is unique as the individual who presents with it.  


In a better scenario you would have someone to guide you through this journey towards restoring your neck function, not merely blindly throwing a product on your plate.


It's our passion to do that for our patients.  After a comprehensive consultation, neurological and orthopedic evaluation we put you through a patented diagnostic system called Integrative Diagnosis.   No other provider in 100 miles is certified to the level Dr. Ellerbrock is in this innovative approach to musculoskeletal disorders.


In most cases we do offer the solution you seek.  The most common cause of dysfunction, decreased performance and pain is an underlying adhesion formation in the soft tissue.


Allow us to help you find a solution to your problem, your health is way too important.  Pain is a serious condition that robs people of their lives daily.  You need a doctor who recognizes that. Treatment without knowing everything about your condition is worse than no treatment at all. 


Call us today at 419-358-2222!

Front Hallway to Ellerbrock Spine
Front Desk Reception to Ellerbrock Spine

The story is very common.  You wake up one day with a pain in the neck.  You did not do anything out of the ordinary, fall or trip, so what gives?  By the third day, it still aches and now your getting a little concerned.  You ask around and everyone seems to know exactly what you need, yet no one ever takes the time to listen, examine, and connect the dots.


Our world throws out multiple options on late night TV, (pills and pillows, wraps, and magnets) that make outrageous claims in the hopes that you will choose their proposed solution to your problem.  

Unfortunately, those people on the TV and sometimes in modern medicine are merely throwing out their solution without much regard to your actual problem.  If you only have a hammer in this world every problem is a nail.  


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